Many California home owners would be lost without their pools.  They have come to symbolize the California lifestyle and our pools are often the focal point of our social lives.  CMG Pools Service and Repair offers the Pool Maintenance San Fernando Valley trusts with all their spa and pool needs. Although we are based in the San Fernando Valley, we clean, check and repair pools in Westlake Village, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley and Van Nuys.  In fact we are the Spa Maintenance Van Nuys depends on year round.

Our client list is extensive including both residential and commercial pool cleaning and servicing.  Our cleaning crews pay as much attention to the smaller pools as they do the larger ones.  Even though the pools may be different sizes they still can end up having and causing the same issues.

When you call CMG Pools Service and Repair our services can be set up as a one-time visit or we can schedule weekly cleaning and maintenance that work around your schedule. If our cleaning crews happen to arrive when you are busy or entertaining guests; they will be discreet and not interrupt your engagement.  For our weekly cleaning appointments we set up an account so payment will automatically be deducted from your bank and there will be no worry about an overdue invoice.

Our cleaning techs have had extensive training on all makes and models of pools.  When you schedule a cleaning; they will not only clean your pool, but will inspect all your equipment. That equipment includes plumbing, filters, heaters and pumps.  Our pool cleaning associates will look for potential problems such as algae, balancing your chemicals and checking your automated systems and timers.

If you are considering up-dating your existing in-ground pool; our service technicians can replace your old pumps, filters and plumbing with new energy efficient equipment.  Having this new apparatus not only lowers your energy bill, it also makes pool and spa repairs less necessary.

CMG Pools Service and Repairs has taken the extra effort to send all its cleaning crew and repair technicians to COP certification training.  This training (Certified Pool Operators Certification) is provided to pool maintenance crews to take not only a written exam but, have hands on training.  In most states it is only recommended rather than required.  The training takes each technician though classes that cover state regulations and guidelines, water quality and balancing, chemical testing, facility safety and much more.  What is learned in these courses is applied to every customer’s pool regardless of its size.  All of our technicians are VGB Compliant for the safety of everyone who uses the pool.

CMG Pool Service and Repairs have made a commitment to keep the pools we service safely maintained, clean and problem free.  If your pool is having any kind of problem, call CMG Pool Service and Repairs at (818) 207-1095.

Licensed & Insured: LIC#952537